International Workshop on
Laser Material Processing and Applications
(LMPA 2023)

From September 3th to 7th, 2023
Hida Takayama (Takayama City), JAPAN
(Welcome reception will be held at the night of Sep 3rd)


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Program (Version of August 2, 2023)

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Aim and Scope: Laser technology is already being used in all areas of science and industry, and new discoveries and developments that will give rise to the next generation continue to emerge. LMPA2023 aims to strengthen the network of outstanding researchers from around the world for the next generation of science & technology by discussing a wide range of topics. On-site time will be shared in Hida Takayama, which is close to the UNESCO World Heritage site and an old Japanese landscape, providing an opportunity for lively discussions and communications.

Mitsuhiro Terakawa (Keio University, Japan)
Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Osaka University, Japan)
Marti Duocastella (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
Martin Booth (University of Oxford, UK)

Advisory Committees:
Maria Dinescu (National Institute for Laser, Romania)
Yongfeng Lu (University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA)
Roberto Osellame (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy)
Koji Sugioka (RIKEN, Japan)

Invited speakers:

  • Martynas Beresna (University of Southampton, UK)
    “Laser processing for optical fibre sensing”
  • Martin Booth (University of Oxford, UK)
    “Adaptive optics for precision laser machining”
  • Milan Brandt (RMIT University, Australia)
    “Laser additive manufacture: current status and future trends”
  • Francois Courvoisier (Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France)
    “Microphysics of ultrafast Bessel-beam interaction with materials”
  • Marti Duocastella (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
    “Light control inside scattering media for laser applications”
  • Camilo Florian (Universität Kassel, Germany)
    “Surface functionalization with femtosecond laser processing via laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS)”
  • Bo Gu (BOS Photonics, USA)
    “The challenges for laser technology for the next decade”
  • Dag Heinemann (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)
    Optical manipulation and sensing of plant tissues
  • Bongchul Kang (Kookmin University, Korea)
    “Laser bottom-up microfabrication for optoelectronics and energy applications”
  • Ian Liau (National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan)
    “Dynamic 3D cardiac imaging enabled with light-sheet imaging and image processing algorithms”
  • Yongfeng Lu (University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA)
    “Pulsed laser surface processing for enhanced corrosion resistance of metals”
  • Masoud Mahjouri-Samani (Auburn University, USA)
    “Inkless Printing Multimaterial Electronics – A Laser-Based Additive Nanomanufacturing Approach”
  • Erich Mottay (Amplitude)
    “Surface processing with kilowatt femtosecond lasers
  • Beat Neuenschwander (Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)
    “3D microstructuring in metals, dielectrics and semiconductors using a UV laser microspot scanning system”
  • Roberto Osellame (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy)
    “Advanced imaging, information processing, and light manipulation in femtosecond-laser-written devices”
  • Patcharapit Promoppatum (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand)
    “Toward data-driven prediction of residual stress development in laser powder bed fusion process”
  • Yaxiaer Yalikun  (NAIST, JAPAN)
    “Precise cell triple-sorting enabled by multiple pulse irradiation of femtosecond laser”
  • Gordon Zyla  (IESL-FORTH, Greece)
    “Metamaterials and optical microelements printed by two-photon polymerization”
  • Yasutaka Hanada (Hirosaki University, Japan)
    “MicroFLIB technique and its potential applications”
  • Yusuke Ito (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    “Ultrafast processing of transparent materials by selective absorption of long-pulse laser into transiently excited electrons”
  • Godai Miyaji (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
    “Fundamental physical process of surface plasmon polaritons on non-metallic material with an intense ultrashort laser pulse”
  • Mizue Mizoshiri (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)
    “Metal direct writing and the transient phenomena using femtosecond laser thermochemical reduction”
  • Yoshiki Nakata (Osaka University, Japan)
    “Deposition of nanodot array by laser-induced dot transfer technique using interference pattern”
  • Aiko Narazaki (AIST, Japan)
    “Data-driven ultrashort pulse laser processing”
  • Yuji Sato (Osaka University, Japan)
    “Additive manufacturing of copper by blue diode laser induced LMD process
  • Koji Sugioka (RIKEN, Japan)
    “Femtosecond 3D laser processing for fabrication of functional micro and nano devices”
  • Mitsuhiro Terakawa (Keio University, Japan)
    “Laser-induced graphitization of soft materials for sustainable electronics”
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida (National Defense Academy, Japan)
    “Photochemically surfacec modification of meatl and polymer surface by VUV laser”
  • Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Osaka University, Japan)
    “Crystal nucleation, growth, and phase transition induced by focused irradiation with a pulsed laser”

Hida Hotel Plaza
Hanaoka-cho 2-60, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

The venue is located 2 hours and 30 minutes from Nagoya by limited express trains, followed by a 5-minute walk from Takayama Station. You can find the details also here.

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